Pre-Race Info: Virtual

Canada Army Run: Virtual 2023

We are almost at the virtual start line for Canada Army Run 2023! On behalf of the Canadian Army, BMO Bank of Montreal and all of our incredible sponsors, partners and supporters, I sincerely thank you for joining us and supporting our military community.

Beginning on Friday, September 8, people of all ages will run, walk and roll across all of Canada, as well as at least 20 countries world-wide. I love to see how our Canada Army Run community continues to grow, and I am so glad you are part of it.

Through the virtual event, we have once again received incredible support through you – the participants. We cannot thank you enough. There is still time to make a difference in the lives of Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their families by fundraising for Support Our Troops and Soldier On.

As we kick off the virtual race period, I encourage you to share your experience with us! Use the hashtag #ArmyRun and let us all know where you are joining us from and why you are running, walking or rolling with us this year. We will be cheering you on from Ottawa, and we can’t wait to see your photos, watch your videos, and hear your stories!

Below is some information to help make your virtual race as enjoyable as possible. There is a great deal of information, but please take the time to read it all. You will find the details you need to get the most out of this year’s event. Additional information is available on our website at

I wish you all the very best for a fun, safe and rewarding race period. I hope you reach your personal goal and finish your race(s) with a big smile on your face. I also thank you again very much for your support and dedication. You are the reason we can have such a positive impact on our military community!



Major Lesley Quinlan 

Canada Army Run Director
Directrice de la Course de l’Armée du Canada



On behalf of the Canadian Army, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 2023 edition of the Canada Army Run.

Canada Army Run is “No Ordinary Race”; by participating in any of our challenges, you are doing much more than just pushing yourself, you are making a tangible difference. The proceeds from this event and your fundraising efforts enable Canada Army Run to give back to Support Our Troops and Soldier On, which directly support ill and injured soldiers, veterans, and their families. Thanks to the constant support of racers like you, we have been able to raise $4.5 million since the inception of Canada Army Run in 2008. We are deeply grateful of your contribution.

As you are about to embark on various virtual Army Run challenges in the next few weeks, I invite you to share your success on social media by tagging @CanadaArmyRun or using the hashtag #ArmyRun.

Once again, thank you for making a difference. Have fun!

Lieutenant-General J.J.M.J. Paul, 

Commander Canadian Army
Commandant de l’Armée Canadienne

In a few days, many of you will start racing in support of the Canadian military as we kick off the Canada Army Run 2023 virtual races this Friday.

Before you hit the streets of your city to conquer our challenges, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on why you are running.

Beyond being a fun fitness event, Canada Army Run holds a much deeper meaning for the Canadian military. It is a testament to your support to the Canadian military, as race proceeds and your fundraising efforts are contributing to Support Our Troops and Soldier On, the two official charitable causes of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Although you won’t be running with us in Ottawa, we want to see you and where you’ll be taking on the Canada Army Run challenges. Share your virtual Canada Army Run experience with our community by tagging @CanadaArmyRun or using #ArmyRun on social media.

Once again, thank you for your incredible support, and I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming challenges!

Chief Warrant Officer J.M. Smith, 

Canadian Army Sergeant Major
Sergent-major de l’Armée Canadienne

As the Official Bank of the Canadian Defence Community, BMO is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2023 Canada Army Run. We’ve supported the event since 2009 and became the presenting sponsor in 2014. It’s an opportunity for us to thank the men and women who serve our country and show support to military families. We’re honoured and happy to help!

Vittorio Pellegrino, 

Regional President, Personal Banking |Président régional, Services bancaires aux particuliers
Quebec & Eastern Ontario | Québec et Est de l’Ontario
BMO Bank of Montreal | BMO Banque de Montréal

At BMO, we recognize the sacrifices our defence community members make in support of our country. That’s why we exclusively offer no monthly fee banking to military members and their families, saving them up to $479 per year with the Performance Chequing account.*

In addition to BMO employee discounts on a range of mortgage options, you’ll also have the flexibility to break your mortgage without penalty when you’re posted through the Canadian Armed Forces Relocation Directive.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Update on Race Kits

Race kits have already begun shipping, and in many cases have arrived at your mailing addresses.

For those who have selected race hats, or registered in recent weeks, your race kits will be sent soon. We apologize for any delays.

Please note that if you have not received your race kit yet, it could be due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Shipping delay from our mailing partners
  • International packages will likely take longer to arrive.
  • Participants who registered later may experience additional delays.
  • The package is being returned to sender and may take additional time for us to receive it back. This is usually caused by an address error during registration, delivery to a business, new locations, etc.
  • Please note we are unable to provide tracking information for your shipped items.

Race kits are not required to complete your virtual race.

Completing Your Virtual Race

The information below is for demonstration purposes. You will receive an email with similar instructions once the race period is open. If the links below do not work, please use the secondary email with ASICS Runkeeper links directly associated with your registration.


Step 1: Connect your registration

On your mobile devicedownload the app and add your |*SUB_EVENT*| registration by clicking the button provided.

Step 2: Record your participation

  • When you’re ready to participate:
  • Open the Runkeeper app on a mobile device
  • Visit the “start” tab
  • Tap the in-app checkered flag and select your event
  • Follow the prompts to record your participation


If you plan to record using another software or tracking device and need to post manually, simply head to the results page and “Submit Virtual Result”.

Your confirmation number and last name can be used to confirm your registration before submitting your results.

Confirmation number:

Last name:

View results

You can also visit this page to view posted results!


  • Multiple event distances or participants under one Race Roster account 
    If you signed up for more than one distance within the same event, or signed up multiple individuals for the same event, please visit your Race Roster dashboard, select this event and then use the “Connect to App” button for each event distance or person. To send to a friend, copy and paste that connect to app button link and share it with them.
  • How to record your participation with the Runkeeper app 
    To record your participation with the Runkeeper app, you will need to track your activity using your phone or with a connected wearable. You can follow these step-by-step instructions (with images) on how to track your participation using the ASICS Runkeeper app.
  • Tracking with your Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch 
    You can track your participation using your Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch earlier. You must download the Runkeeper app and connect your device prior to starting your activity. Follow these steps to add your FitbitGarmin, or Apple Watch activity to the Runkeeper app.
  • How to ensure your activity is tracked correctly 
    Please make sure you run the full distance (to the decimal point) to ensure your result is posted.
     Note: If you run farther than the required distance, the Runkeeper app will post your fastest segment.
  • How to manually post your results on Race Roster 
    Follow these steps to manually post your results on Race Roster (not using the app).
  • Limitations to note 
    At this time, the Runkeeper app is unable to link to Suunto, Coros or Polar, but you can use your iPhone or Android.

Important Information on Results and Race Participation

Awards & prizing:

There are no Category, Age Group, or Overall prizes to be won.

Event organizers may remove results that demonstrate or have proven to be inaccurate or falsified

Re-attempting your race:

You may re-attempt your virtual race distance as many times as you want during the completion period (Sept 9-25)

Multiple registrants on one account:

If multiple people were registered under one use account/email, please visit the section above on Completing Your Virtual Race

Personalized Race Bibs

We encourage you to download your personalized race bib in time for your race. To download it:

  1. Visit the results page here:
  2. In the drop-down event option, select “Personalized Race Bibs (Virtual) | Dossards personnalisés (virtuelle)”
  3. Verify your registration by logging into Race Roster or using your Confirmation # and last name.
  4. Enter any time in the provided space. A time must be recorded to generate a result (i.e. 0:00:10), and these times will not be visible.
  5. Once complete, find your name on the results page. Click your name to go to your personal results page.
  6. Download your Finisher Certificate, which will act as your race bib.
  7. Go race!

Print your own finish line

To make your virtual race – or someone else’s – more memorable, you can create your own finish line by downloading and printing off the finish line images from our website at

Challenge Participants – Important Information:

  • All registrants in the Commander’s Challenge (5K + 10K + Half Marathon) and Sergeant Major’s Challenge (5K + 10K) have access to the results for each individual distance included in their bundle.
  • It is required that you complete each distance individually, not as one single activity (i.e. 36.1K or 15K). Activities done in a combined manner must be manually split and recorded as separate distance results. If you attempt to complete a combined single activity (i.e. 36.1K) via the ASICS Runkeeper App or a connected device, the app and results platform may only accept the time associated to the distance in one segment (i.e. 5K, 10K or 21.1K).
  • You may complete each distance in any order and at any time within the completion period.

Challenge Combined results (Optional)

For Commander’s Challenge and Sergeant Major’s Challenge participants, you have the option to enter your individual distance results into one combined result. To complete this:

    1. Complete each of your individual distances first, and make note of your time.
    2. Visit the results page here:
    3. In the drop-down event option, select “Commander’s Challenge (Virtual)” or “Sergeant Major’s Challenge (Virtual).”
    4. Verify your registration by logging into Race Roster or using your Confirmation # and last name.
    5. Enter your race results per distance in the indicated space.
    6. Now you can view your combined results and see how you compare with all challenge participants!

Virtual Expo

We invite you to visit our official Virtual Expo, where you will find important information, sponsored content, and exclusive offers from the event and our partners. Check back often to see what new information and offers are added!

Remembrance Row

Remembrance Row has become a Canada Army Run tradition since 2017. This is an opportunity to remember great Canadians who served, who are no longer with us.

You will find names, images and stories submitted by this year’s participants. We encourage you to visit this page and pay respect, as you prepare to depart on your virtual race.

Remembrance Row is presented in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion





BMO Kids Zone

BMO and the Canadian Army have created some fun activities to get your kids involved in all things race week.

Colouring Sheets:

Below you will see images that you can save to your device and print (right-click, “Save as”). These are great ways to get them involved with your race week.

Tips for including your kids:

  • Decorate your Start/Finish Line!
  • Chalk, signs, balloons, a cheer station of stuffed animals… the possibilities are as endless as their imaginations
  • Cheer you on!
  • Choose a route that passes home frequently, so they can keep motivating you to the finish


  1. Check out this year’s Peer to Peer Fundraising Toolkit for tips and tricks to engage your family, friends, colleagues. Your fundraising will champion Support Our Troops and Soldier On! 
  2. Follow @CDNForceSupport and @soldieronsanslimites on Facebook and Twitter to learn about how you have made a difference in the lives of Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, and their families!
  3. Check out this year’s fundraising prizes! We greatly appreciate your support of the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families.

Tips for Race Day

Select your route

  • Plan your route in advance, and know where you’re going
  • Plan a route that includes any possible requirements you may need on race day. This could include water, washrooms, or nearby friends or family
  • This is YOUR course, make it memorable! Include landmarks or scenery to help pull you to the FInish.

Race Safely

  • Maintain social distancing, and do not run in groups that are not part of your personal bubble
  • Avoid high-traffic times for both pedestrians or vehicles
  • Carry your cell phone in case of emergency
  • Share your race plan, route and timings with family and friends so they know where you are or where you will be.
  • Always follow your local laws when participating. This includes pedestrian, traffic, or social distancing.
  • If in high-density areas, wear a face covering to keep yourself and those around you safe.
  • Race smart, and push yourself within your limits. When in doubt, slow down!

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