UBIQUE – The Latin word meaning “everywhere” is now the motto of Canadian Gunners, and as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s permanent force in 2021, we brand our celebrations UBIQUE 150.

Why did The Royal Canadian Artillery adopt the motto “UBIQUE” on their badge?

Canadian Gunners earned the right to wear UBIQUE through their participation and sacrifice in WWI, and since then, they have worn the motto with pride.

In 1871, Canadian Gunners wore almost the same uniform as the departed British Royal Artillery. One exception was that the Canadians removed the word UBIQUE from their Coat of Arms. UBIQUE was not worn on the insignia and badging of Canadian Gunners in 1871 because they had not earned the right.

Batteries of artillery raised in the Province of Canada in 1855 and by A and B Batteries in 1871 wore the British Arms, except the word CANADA replaced the word UBIQUE. In 1925, King George V, to recognize the Canadian Artillery’s substantial contribution during The Great War, granted usage of the battle honours UBIQUE.

UBIQUE fittingly describes Canadian Gunners as the formation of A and B Batteries and the recruitment, instruction, and return of those officers and gunners to their original units made Canada’s Artillery ubiquitous.

More information on the history and traditions of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery can be found at http://RCA-ARC.org

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