The Canadian Army has a rich history and has fought heroically in many significant battles throughout history. Canada Army Run celebrates the Canadian Army’s history and continued connection to Canadians.

In previous years, Canada Army Run has honoured the 100th anniversary of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Regiment, the 100th anniversary of the Royal 22e Régiment, the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Ortona and the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

This year’s Canada Army Run: Virtual theme is UBIQUE – Everywhere, in honour of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery celebrating its 150th anniversary with UBIQUE 150 commemorations in 2021. The 5K and 5K + 10K events will both honour this anniversary. It is fitting to celebrate Gunners as they are an integral part of Canada Army Run. Previous Canada Army Run participants will be familiar with their role setting off the howitzer gun (cannon) at the start of the 5K, 10K and half-marathon. Also, our 2021 virtual event will take place everywhere – across the country and at Canadian Army bases, units and regiments across Canada.

Canada Army Run: Virtual will also honour the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Kapyong (Korean War) and the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong (Second World War).

Here is a complete list of this year’s events, sponsors, and historic tributes:

30th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA


Presented by General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada, this year’s 5K virtual event honours the 150th anniversary of “A” and “B” Batteries – the first full-time or regular elements of the post-Confederation Canadian Army.

In 1871, most British troops in Canada were withdrawn. “A” and “B” Batteries were formed to take their place in manning the fortifications at Kingston and Quebec City – symbolizing Canada’s new responsibility for its own defence.

The Batteries exist to this day as sub-units of 1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, of which they form part, now comprises 25 units represented in 33 towns and cities from Victoria to Yarmouth and continues to serve proudly at home and abroad, in keeping with its motto, “UBIQUE” – “everywhere”.

For more information about The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, visit their web site or sign up for their newsletter.

A Battery
B Battery


The theme for the 10K virtual event is the 70th anniversary of the Korean War’s Battle of Kapyong. In April 1951, Canadian troops and allies fought the enemy in the Kaypyong Valley. The soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry persevered in the face of great adversity. Their heroic efforts did not go unnoticed by the Americans, who awarded them the United States Presidential Unit Citation.

Holding the line at Kapyong was an impressive achievement, but came at a cost. Ten Canadians were killed and 23 wounded. Our fallen soldiers at Kapyong were among the 516 Canadians who died in service during the Korean War.

For more information about the Korean War, visit the Korean War section on

5K + 10K Challenge – UBIQUE Challenge

Established in 2017, the 10th anniversary of Canada Army Run, this challenge combines a 5K with a 10K. This year the challenge is named UBIQUE 150 in honour of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery’s 150th celebrations.

As part of the commemoration programme, all ranks of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery have approval to wear the UBIQUE 150 patch on their operational dress.

For more information about UBIQUE 150 celebrations, visit the UBIQUE 150 site.

Half Marathon

This year’s half marathon honours the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong.

In 1941 Canada was asked to contribute to the effort to protect the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. That task was given to the Royal Rifles and the Winnipeg Grenadiers and in late October 1941, 1,975 soldiers set sail from Vancouver, arriving in Hong Kong on November 16.

Three weeks later, on the morning of December 8, Japan attacked Hong Kong. For the next 17 days, Canadian soldiers fought alongside allied forces against overwhelming odds and displayed the courage of seasoned veterans. Though vastly outnumbered, they refused to surrender until they were overrun on Christmas Day 1941.

The defence of Hong Kong was made at a great human cost with 290 Canadians killed in battle and the survivors becoming prisoners of war for more than three years. While in captivity, 264 more died for a total death toll of 554. In addition, almost 500 were wounded. Of the Canadians who arrived Hong Kong in November 1941, more than 1,050 were either killed or wounded.

For more information about the defence of Hong Kong, visit Veteran Affairs Canada.

Commander’s Challenge

The Commander’s Challenge, which combines the 5K + Half Marathon, was launched in 2016. Participants receive commemorative finisher coins and the Commander’s Challenge coin, which includes an image of the Canadian Army Primary Badge.

The Canadian Army Primary Badge is the heraldic symbol of the Canadian Army. It features crossed swords, which symbolize the history of the Canadian Army as one team working together in the defence of Canada. The three maple leaves conjoined on one stem, are taken from the Royal Arms of Canada, and represent service to Canada, service to our sovereign, and the heritage of the Canadian Army.

The Canadian Army Badge is the symbol held closest to the Canadian Army and Canada Army Run. It is incorporated into the Canadian Army Visual Identity and the Canada Army Run logo.

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