Army Unit: 2nd Depot Battalion, Eastern, Ontario
Born: August 5th, 1896 Otter Lake, Quebec
Enlistment: June 28th, 1918 Ottawa, Ontario.

Private Paul Dagenias the son of Mrs Sofia Dagenais of Otter Lake Quebec, was enlisted from Aug. 8th 1918, until June 23rd 1919 and served with the 2nd Depot Battalion in World War I. Private Paul Dagenias was a brave young soldier who left for England (UK) and worked as a porter and to deal with the wounded and dead in the Theatre of War of World War I. He returned home in August of 1919 and developed gangrene shortly after in his legs, from war related injuries. Both legs had to be amputated and he lived in a wheelchair until he passed away in June 1961.
Private Paul Dagenias was a World War I hero!