Living in Ottawa, Canada Army Run is my favorite race to train for. I usually participate in the Half Marathon or the Commander’s Challenge.

The Army Run 10K was the last time I ran the Army Run in person before COVID cancelled all in-person races across Canada. I thought about doing the Army Run virtual races; I was an in-person race runner. I decided to do a virtual run across Canada to raise money for Canada Food Banks. In 2022, in-person races were back, and so was the Army Run in Ottawa. The 5K and 10K were the only in-person races, and I signed up for 5K race (I was getting over a running injury). I was so excited for the September race and the new finish line at the War Memorial. As the race weekend was getting closer, Queen Elizabeth suddenly passed away, and the Army Run was postponed until November. This gave everyone more training time and hopefully good weather.
The November race day came, it was 20 degrees, the sun was out, and all the runners were so excited to race. I live in downtown Ottawa, and the city had a special vibe of friendship and excitement during this in-person race. Coming through the finish line after being away from in-person races for almost two years was amazing.

Receiving the Army Run dog tag medal from the CAF individuals had a special meaning this time. It meant we had come through a dark period, and we were all together again running Canada Army Run. I am excited to be running the 26-kilometre Commander’s Challenge this September 2023. The Army Run represents the strength and courage of all military and non-military individuals.