En personne

Date: 09/22/2024

Endroit: Ottawa Ontario

Courses Virtuelles

Date: 09/06/2024 - 09/27/2024

Michael Stoker

M/Cpl Michael Stoker

Mike served in The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders and the Governor General’s Foot Guards 1981-1988.

Mike also served in The Ceremonial Guard in both the Band and 1 Company (GGFG).

Mike died on 6 August 2023.

In person participants Alex Gauthier, Byron Gilmore and Paul Schulte(all ex-GGFG) would like to pose with Mike’s image on Memorial Row. Alex had previously submitted an image. If necessary please delete the previous submission in favour of this one.
Thank you very much
Alex Gauthier
Retired Sgt.
Governor General’s Foot Guards