Captain Eddie Strauss, my Uncle, a tail gunner in the Lancaster bomber, with the RCAF 426 Thunderbird Squadron during WWII. Was shot at many times, dropped bombs over German cities, dropped leaflets over Nazi-occupied territory, and fought in D-Day. Uncle Eddie didn’t like to talk about the war, when he did, his memories would take him to how many comrades and men his Squadron lost! He remembers flying over the beach on D-Day, and he said the hardest part was being so high up in the air, not being able to help his comrades being killed on the beach on the ground! He dreaded reading the RCAF daily orders, because it listed aircrew who did not return! My Uncle, came home, unlike many of his friends, that’s when the tears would fall. My Uncle Eddie passed away last year at the age of 98! From a retired service member with a son presently serving, I am so very proud of my Uncle, miss him dearly, especially Remembrance Day, when we would celebrate together, as he would reminisce!