Captain Jefferson Clifford Francis

Captain Jeff Francis served as a Forward Observation Officer leading a team from 1RCHA, attached to the RCR Battle Group on Roto 3, Feb to Aug 2007. While returning from a mission his vehicle was struck by an IED, killing all inside the vehicle. He was 36, and left his wife Sylvie Secours and 8 month old son, Ry Secours-Francis.

Lance Corporal Charles Haskell

My Great Uncle Charles left for the front in September, 1914. My grandfather was born in November and named Frank. A letter was sent to Charles and he responded that if he’d been asked he would have liked the baby to be called Albert after the Prince. My Grandpa was called Albert from that point on. The brothers never met, as Charles died at Vimy. My son (running the 10k) has the middle name Albert after his great grandfather.

William Lorne Cole

Served 34 year as an infantryman in the RCR. Completed tours in Germany and Cyprus.

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David Greenslade

Dave was a hilarious friend I trained with in the army. He is missed, and I will never forget his sacrifice.

Leo Gauthier

Cpl Leo Gauthier
Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
World War Two

Berthold Williams

Bert to all who knew him, served in the Canadian military for 24 years. First with the army with 8th Canadian Hussars and then in the Air Force as a photo technician. Bert loved tanks and would stop and climb on any one he could see. He passed away this past March and is missed very much.

Corporal Nathan Cirillo

On October 22, 2014, Corporal Nathan Cirillo’s life was taken while on ceremonial sentry duty at the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa.