Fort Frontenac Distance Challenge

The Fort Frontenac Distance Challenge launches Saturday May 15. Run, walk or roll as you accumulate the 193K distance from the home of A Battery (part of Canada’s first full time defence force) in Kingston, ON to the present day start line of Canada Army Run at the Canadian War Museum here in Ottawa. If you’re sharing your progress, don’t forget to tag @CanadaArmyRun and use the hashtag #ArmyRun

About the challenge

  • Distance: 193km
  • Timeframe: 15 May until midnight, 31 August 2021
  • Note: the distance is an accumulation of 193 km, and can be done in as many activities as required. This does not need to be completed all at once.

Participants receive:

  • Access to upload results time
  • Exclusive digital finisher medal for each event completed
  • Digital finisher certificate
  • Please note, no physical product will be sent to participants

Results, awards & Prizing

  • No prizes will be awarded to participants that win their participation category
  • Results will remain as unofficial

How to complete your distance challenge:

  1. Complete a run, and make note of your finish time
  2. Visit the results page here:
  3. Select the Fort Frontenac Distance Challenge from the drop-down option in the “Results” section
  4. Click “Post an Activity” from the “Post an Activity” section
  5. Verify your registration with either your Race Roster login, or confirmation number and last name (this step may be skipped if you are already logged in)
  6. Manually enter your distance and finish time in the provided space, and submit.
  7. Once complete, you can view the global results for each event, and click your name to view your personal results page
  8. For additional activities, you can post via the main results page, or linked through your personal results page under the Fort Frontenac Distance Challenge results

Note for multiple registrants under one account:
For multiple registrations, please locate the appropriate confirmation number from your participant dashboard.

Track your progression

As you log activities, you can:

  • Track your progress along the virtual map, taking you from Fort Frontenac in Kingston to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa
  • Check out your total mileage and duration completed to date
  • See how you stack up on the global leaderboard!

Digital Finisher Medals

Once you complete the distance challenge, you will receive an exclusive finisher medal. These will appear on your participant dashboard and personal results page.