Course Information

Routes are subject to change.
2019 Course map

The courses include:

  • Markers at each kilometre
  • Timing mats every 5 kilometres
  • Water Stations
    • 5K – 1 location
    • 10K – 3 locations
    • Half-Marathon – 6 locations
  • Portable toilets near each aid station
  • Charity Cheering Stations

On-course nutrition featuring:

nuun hydration – all water stations




Unwrapped, ready-to-eat FRUIT2 is on the half-marathon course at the 11 km nutrition station as well as at the transition zone for the Challenge events. Wrapper-free product helps reduce Canada Army Run’s environmental impact.

More info:

above information is subject to change

Pace Bunnies (aka “Pathfinders”) Pace Bunnies will be provided with support from the Running Room for the 5K, 10K and half marathon events. They will be easy to spot and will have a sign indicating their pace time. Line up at the start line with the “Pathfinder” that matches your desired finish time. They will be running a steady chip-time pace to help you meet your goal. The planned times for the pace bunnies are as follows: 5K: 20:00, 25:00, 30:00, and 35:00 10K: 40:00, 45:00, 50:00, 55:00, 60:00, 65:00, 70:00 and 75:00.  Half Marathon: 1:30, 1:35, 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 1:55, 2:00, 2:05, 2:10, 2:15, 2:20, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00 and 3:15 There will be a mixture of continuous and run-walk pacers available at most times. There will also be walk-only pacers at 2:45, 3:00, 3:15, and 3:30 in the half marathon. If you have any questions regarding the pacer program, please contact

You’ve done it! You’ve crossed the finish line. Congratulations! People on the sidelines are cheering. Military leaders and other VIPs are giving high-fives. And photographers are taking pictures (don’t forget to smile!). Now what? Don’t stop! Keep moving down the finish line chute, where a uniformed Canadian soldier will place a finisher’s medal around your neck – a definite highlight for many. Relish the moment and then continue to the recovery area for refreshments. Once you’ve refuelled and re-energized, stick around and enjoy the Army Run weekend festivities!

car_bag_2016Canada Army Run offers a complimentary baggage check available to all participants located on site on race day. There will be signs directing you to this free service. All runners will receive a free race bag in their race kit. For the sake of convenience, space and time, it will be the only bag accepted at the volunteer-run bag check this year. Baggage check will open at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday morning prior to the start of the opening ceremonies.

Walkers and Strollers ARE Welcome! Walkers and strollers are welcome in all events. For your safety and the safety of others, however, please start in the last corral (red corral) and be careful of other participants. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY EVENT. Service animals are welcome.



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