dogtagsOne of the many things participants love about Canada Army Run is the “dog-tag” medals they receive when they cross the finish line. These medals are modelled after the official  Canadian Forces identification discs.

When a soldier puts the medal around your neck at the finish line, take the opportunity to thank him or her for all they do to keep Canada safe at home and abroad.

Awards are given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for the following categories:

  • 5K – Male / Female
  • 5K Amputee – Male / Female
  • 5K Wheelchair – Male / Female
  • 5K Handcycle – Male / Female
  • 5K Recumbent – Male / Female
  • 5K Visually Impaired – Male / Female
  • 10K – Male / Female
  • 10K Amputee – Male / Female
  • 10K Wheelchair – Male / Female
  • 10K Handcycle – Male / Female
  • 10K Recumbent – Male / Female
  • 10K Visually Impaired – Male / Female
  • Half Marathon – Male / Female
  • Half Marathon Amputee – Male / Female
  • Half Marathon Wheelchair – Male / Female
  • Half Marathon Handcycle – Male / Female
  • Half Marathon Recumbent – Male / Female
  • Half Marathon Visually Impaired – Male / Female

This year, the top team in each team category and the top overall male and female individual for each age category (based on chip time) will receive a military coin (also called a “challenge coin”) that has been designed specifically for Canada Army Run.




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