Nutrition Partners

Meet Nuun Hydration

Nuun is our chosen hydration partner for this year’s event. We will be serving Nuun Hydration products on race day, and encourage all of our participants to train with what will be on course! 

Who/What is Nuun Hydration?

Nuun stands for Nutrition Uncompromised. We have chosen to partner with them because their product is designed and formulated by athletes, for athletes. All Nuun products are vegan, gluten-free and low calorie. This means that when you hydrate with Nuun, your body reaps all of the hydration benefits without consuming any extra junk or artificial ingredients.

Nuun Electrolytes utilizes the best in sports nutrition science to provide active individuals with the right amount of minerals, carbs and vitamins. This perfect balance of minerals delivers efficient re-hydration and energy to athletes before and after their workouts.

 Nuun Electrolytes Tablets

  • Nuun Electrolytes is an effervescent tablet that you add to 16 oz. of water
  • This sports hydration drink is designed to replenish what you lose when you sweat
  • Nuun Electrolytes is packed with an optimal blend of electrolytes and clean ingredients to keep you energized and “muuving”!
  • Each tablet contains only 1 g of sugar and 10 calories

Nuun for Performance:

Nuun Performance is for long workouts of 90 minutes or more, or super hard shorter workouts.

When you work out for over 90 minutes, your digestive system slows down and you need to increase carbohydrates in your drink to help absorb the water and electrolytes that keep you properly hydrated. Carbohydrates also work to keep you fueled.

Nuun Performance is made with a specific blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates that are precisely balanced so your system can absorb them. This results in better performance and less gastric distress than with other products.

To learn more about Nuun Hydration, visit their website at

Canada Army Run is proud to announce Xact Nutrition as the official nutrition sponsor of our Challenge events! Xact will fuel all Commander’s and Victory Challenge participants in the transition zone after the 5K. Montreal-based Xact Nutrition started with one idea: there has to be a better-tasting alternative to an energy gel. Their passion for food and sports led them to create products that work using natural ingredients that taste good. This idea led to Xact Nutrition’s first product, FRUIT2 energy bars. Born from a marriage of their skills and passions, their team is dedicated to changing the way that consumers think about sport nutrition.


For more information on Xact Nutrition, visit their site, here:



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