The Ortona Challenge

2017 Vimy Challenge shirts shown. 2018 Ortona Challenge shirts coming soon (Photo: Canadian Forces Combat Camera).

The Ortona Challenge is an event within Canada Army Run where participants run, walk or roll officially in BOTH the 5K and 10K events.

Participants who register for the Ortona Challenge will receive a unique bib and race shirt (photos coming soon). In addition, upon completion of the Challenge, participants will receive a special coin as well as their dog tag medals.

The Ortona Challenge was added to the 2018 Canada Army Run line-up to commemorate the anniversary of the capture of Ortona during the Italian Campaign of the Second World War.

To find out more about the capture of Ortona, visit the Juno Beach Centre website, here:

Company “B” of the Seaforth Highlanders moving along a mined coastal path December 21st, 1943; Ortona can be seen in the distance.
Photo by Frederick G. Whitcombe. Department of National Defence / National Archives of Canada, PA-152749.




Participants can register for the Ortona Challenge by clicking here and choosing the “Ortona Challenge” category.

We recommend that participants start in the first wave of the 5K at 08:00. After completing the 5K and collecting your dog tag, you may enter the 10K from any corral wave you wish.

You will have one bib that will work for both events, and will receive a special prize at the end of the race!

** Participants MUST start no later than the last wave of the 10K to remain in the Challenge. Participants who do not return from running the 5K by the last wave of the 10K will be disqualified. **

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Below are answers to common questions about the Ortona Challenge

  • You must start the 10K by the time of the last wave (event starts at 8:45 a.m.). No exceptions will be made after the last wave
  • You will not be able to start the 10K after the last wave
  • Walking/5K times slower than 45 minutes are not recommended
  • Due to time restrictions, slower times are encouraged for any other event
  • Participants receive the exclusive Ortona Challenge shirt only. 5K and 10K shirts may be made available for sale at the shirt pickup location on Sunday, subject to availability
  • You will receive your 5K dog tag medal after the 5K only. Participants are responsible for carrying or storying their 5K medal for the duration of the 10K
  • Upon completion of the 5K, you will not enter the Recovery Zone. You will proceed directly to Laurier Ave. in the lane provided to access the start line
  • You will receive your exclusive Ortona Challenge coin in the Recovery Zone, after the 10K
  • 2018 will be the only year for the Ortona Challenge
    • 2019 will commemorate D-Day (Second World War)
    • 2020 will commemorate Victory in Europe (Second World War)



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