Menu for the Army Ball 2019

table setting
Cooked ham, rabbit rillettes, Brillat-Savarin cheese, Camembert from Normandy, cherry and pear chutney, condiments: mustard and pickles
Served with baguette and croutons

Cold appetizer
New-style coquilles Saint-Jacques: marinated shrimps, mussels en vinaigrette, scallop ceviche, Gruyère tile with caraway seed

Cream of asparagus, pancetta and brie

Pallet Cleanser

Main course
Beef tenderloin and Rabbit saddle stuffed with apple, served with Neufchâtel-style potato purée, ivory sauce with Calvados

Normandy Teurgoule with caramelized milk cream and buttery shortbread cookie
Coffee, tea, milk

Special Note

We are prepared to offer special-order meals for attendees with life threatening allergies or special dietary requirements, and we request that you include this information when ordering your tickets.

Please do not contact the hotel directly. For further information contact the Ball Chairman.